• CBD for Sleep - Introducing the Sunnyside Sleep Tincture

    How much sleep do you get on average? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the average adult needs at least seven hours of sleep a night. Chances are, many of you reading this won't be hitting that benchmark.  The struggle to get a good night's sleep in today's chaotic wo...
  • Nano CBD Really Works for Skincare. We Know Because We’ve tried it.

    As we began working with Nano-CBD skincare formulas and sharing them amongst friends, one thing became immediately apparent: Nano-CBD performed quite differently in a topical preparation. 

    Suddenly, it went below the surface for genuine results

  • CBD for Physical Activity

    Pro athletes like Derrick Morgan, an NFL linebacker; Yair "Pantera" Rodriguez, a UFC fighter; and pro golfer Rickie Fowler are working CBD into their daily routine. 

  • Celebrating Full Spectrum CBD

    Cannabis contains hundreds of cannabinoids beyond the THC it's so often associated with. There are terpenes and flavonoids and, of course, more than 100 different cannabinoids. Although 420 may have a history with THC, this year let's instead look at one of the other famous cannabinoids: cannabidiol (CBD). 
  • Sunnyside CBD: New Formula for better health

    With increasing evidence that cannabidiol (CBD) supports pet health (as it does human health), more pet owners are giving it a chance. Our four-legged friends feel relief from a daily dose of pet CBD tincture, whether it's for anxiety, pain, inflammation, or other common chronic conditions.  Bu...
  • CBD and Loving me

    Love for you, by you.    This month is plagued by cheesy romance ads and we want to shift the focus; we want to fall back in love with ourselves.  The best version of you is only an abundance of unconditional love away; always easier said than done, but we believe approaching ourselves with cur...
  • CBD Wellness: New Habits vs New Resolutions

    Wellness with some CBD infusion! We’ve decided there is too much pressure to be different and shiny in the New Year, and that it is small habits which make the big differences in our lives. For this next trip around the sun instead of creating an unattainable list of goals, we invite you to creat...
  • The Magic of nano CBD

    Nano Educational Guide Time to break down bioavailability /bio efficiency - what it means to you and your CBD experience. What is bioavailability? By definition bioavailability, also referred to as bio efficiency, is the extent and rate of which a substance enters our circulatory system (bloodst...