Sunnyside CBD: New Formula for better health

With increasing evidence that cannabidiol (CBD) supports pet health (as it does human health), more pet owners are giving it a chance. Our four-legged friends feel relief from a daily dose of pet CBD tincture, whether it's for anxiety, pain, inflammation, or other common chronic conditions. 

But have you ever looked inside the bottle? What goes into pet CBD tinctures beyond the CBD? Often you'll find MCT oil, but is this the safest bet for canine and feline health?

Based on new research, CBD tinctures made without MCT oil (a refined coconut oil) could be a much safer option. At Sunnyside Botanicals we have taken this new discovery to heart before revamping our Pet CBD Tincture with pumpkin seed oil. We believe pumpkin seed oil is the next evolution in health for our furry friends.

Benefits of CBD for Pets: A Refresher

As a refresher, dogs and cats benefit from CBD just like humans do. Why? Because all mammals have an endocannabinoid system, which means many of the same benefits humans experience from CBD crossover into the animal world.

What's the big deal with the endocannabinoid system? It helps to regulate many normal processes in humans and animals, like immune response, mood, sleep, memory, and pain. While there are small differences between each species' endocannabinoid function, there are remarkable similarities.

Many illnesses and metabolic diseases can impact the function of the endocannabinoid system. If it falls out of balance, all of these essential processes can falter. Cannabinoids, like CBD, are a natural way to help support this system, to help it return to a state of balance and homeostasis. 

Although animals can't have THC (it's toxic for dogs), CBD is different. Cannabidiol is non-intoxicating for dogs, cats, and humans. Dogs experience the following benefits from hemp-derived CBD tinctures: 

  • Reduce pain
  • Increase appetite
  • Help with sleep
  • Reduce seizures
  • Help with palliative care
  • Improve mood 
  • Reduce irritability, anxiety, aggression
  • Help with triggering noises and situations

Several veterinary studies have confirmed CBD seems well tolerated and has a good safety profile for canine care. Used daily, in combination with other therapies, CBD can have a long-lasting impact on some of the most challenging symptoms of chronic disease and illness among our four-legged friends.

Brand New Formula Takes Advantage of Pumpkin Seed Oil

Sunnyside  Botanicals Pet CBD Tincture has gone through a transformation. Out with MCT Oil and in with pumpkin seed oil. Every bottle contains a specially formulated blend of hemp-derived CBD-isolate and food-grade pumpkin seed oil. 

Why did we rework the formula? New research suggests that MCT-oil may not be as helpful to your pup as we all once assumed. There is a slow shift in opinion about the benefits of coconut oils — for both pet owners and pets.

Our new formula does away with coconut-derived MCT oil because research links it to inflammation and an increase in something called serum endotoxin. Researchers have found a connection between higher levels of serum and obesity, digestive inflammation and leaky gut syndrome. Although the research is very preliminary, there is no sense in taking a risk with your dog's health.

We also wanted to ensure our new formula follows the recommendations of the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA). The ASPCA clearly states that coconut is one of the many foods that dogs and humans cannot share. As they explain, coconut and coconut oil "may cause stomach upset, loose stools or diarrhea." 

What's more? We understand that many of the conditions treated with CBD are chronic, meaning they are long-lasting and may require long-term treatment. We want a safe formula for dogs, no matter how long it's needed—our new recipe, relying solely on pumpkin seed oil, ticks all the boxes.

What's So Great About Pumpkin Seed Oil?

We didn't just choose another carrier oil at random. We chose pumpkin seed oil on purpose. It's uncomplicated and unrefined. It's a pure and totally natural extraction from pumpkin seeds, with no unnecessary additives or ingredients. What's more, it helps hide the earthy flavour of CBD with a rich nutty taste.

But there is more to pumpkin seed oil than just its ability to hide the flavour of hemp extract. It turns out pumpkin seed oil comes with a host of health benefits, whether you are a pet owner or a pet. Unlike coconut oil which is almost pure saturated fat, pumpkin seed oil is unsaturated. This makes it immediately better for heart health. Notably, this healthy oil lowers cholesterol and blood pressure.

Pumpkin seed oil also contains many micronutrients essential in your pet's diet, like potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, and phosphorus. A study on people found pumpkin seed oil "improves urinary disorder in the human overactive bladder." While this needs to be followed up with a canine-specific study, the potential is nevertheless exciting.

CBD and Pumpkin Seed Oil for Pet Health

Whether your pet needs a dose just for the bad days or needs support every day, we want our formula to maintain its integrity throughout the course of treatment. We believe that if CBD has such an excellent safety profile, so too should the carrier oil.

With so many benefits and no known risks, we've made the switch in our pet CBD tincture from MCT oil to natural pumpkin seed out.