CBD for sleep

One of, if not the most common reasons people start using our CBD tinctures is because of how remarkable it is at aiding those with troubles getting to sleep. Having a sleep disorder, like insomnia, or even having chronic sleep issues as a result of unfortunate circumstances (like chronic pain or PTSD) are extremely common, and are real, and overlooked negative impact on one’s overall health, not to mention mood.

Unfortunately, more and more of us are being prescribed prescriptions, like Zopiclone or Ambien to combat these disorders, instead of managing the root of the issue. Others are turning to over the counter solutions like cold-medication (Zzz-quil). These are all habit-forming, can come with awful side-effects, are unhealthy, and their sedative effects leave one feeling groggy in the morning, if not into the afternoon. Even Melatonin (which is a hormone extraction) can leave people dazed and confused for the first half of their day. THC also caused sedation, which is why those who partake before bed often feel ‘burntout’ the next day. THC can discourage one’s body from entering the REM stage of sleep.

Thankfully, CBD has entered the scene! It’s fast becoming a popular natural sleep-aid, as it works so well, without (ironically) having any sedative-qualities to it, which as you will read further on, benefits the natural sleep cycle to an even greater degree.

Two of the most common reasons people have troubles both falling asleep are:

  • Racing, worrisome… anxious thoughts that keep one awake. This can lead to a frustratingly exponential pile up of symptoms like a racing heart, or quicker shorter breathing pattern, further aggravating an individual and leading them further and further away from falling asleep


  • Discomfort due to pain. This can vary from an inability to find a comfortable position to lay in, to actual excruciating acute pain.

As a natural anti-anxiety reliever CBD has been shown to slow down those thoughts, and calm the mind. And as a natural anti-inflammatory pain reliever, one should find relief of their pain situation and a comfortable position to lay and get their much needed rest.

What’s more: CBD has been show to promote the body’s ability to get prolonged REM sleep. We encourage those who track their sleep via FitBits to view this evidence first hand! Why is this important? Your body get it’s best rest and recovery in its deep REM sleep. The better quality of REM, the better quality of sleep! (You'll also get some nice funky dreams because of it!)

Its extremely important for us to note that CBD is NOT a sedative, especially on it’s own, and in a THC-free product, which ours is. It is addressing the root issues of why one cannot sleep. The anxiety-rooted thinking/mood disorder keeping one awake, and/or the pain issues. If one can be remedied of these 2 ailments, the body’s NATURAL ability to get you to sleep should be enough to work without the need of a sedative.

The best part is the result: Awakening without the grogginess; alert, and well-rested, you’ve got what we can’t resist calling a SunnyStart to your day!