The Magic of nano CBD

Nano Educational Guide

Time to break down bioavailability /bio efficiency - what it means to you and your CBD experience.

What is bioavailability?

By definition bioavailability, also referred to as bio efficiency, is the extent and rate of which a substance enters our circulatory system (bloodstream). Other factors that affect bioavailability are dosage/administration form and the quality of the product; rates of bio efficiency can also vary by the metabolic ability of each user. 

The CBD particle is not absorbed well by the body, as it is oil based and classified as hydrophobic, which means it does not mix with water. Our body is mostly made up of water and thus some intervention is required for effective CBD absorption.

The speed at which the consumer feels the desired effects is also relevant when considering administration methods. There are decisions to be made when it comes to how you would like to take your CBD dose, and more importantly how effective you would like that dose to be. We’ve outlined some administration techniques below.

Administration Methods of CBD:

Gastrointestinal: Ingested orally and absorbed through the digestive system

Sublingual: Diffuses into blood through tissues (mucous gland) of the tongue

***Hold dose under tongue for at least 60 seconds for highest potency

Inhalation: Inhaling vapor into lungs

*** Please read all labels and educate yourselves on the dangers of inhaling MCT OIL & other ESSENTIAL OILS ***

Try to find brands that use natural distillate terpenes and lipids as thinning agents for vaporizers products.

Topically: Directly applied to external region of the body

Rectally: Suppository is dissolved and absorbed through colon

Fun Fact!

The endocannabinoid system is responsible for nutrient storage and intake. Reminder that CBD works synergistically with our endocannabinoid system to keep our beautiful bodies in balance. 

The majority of nutrients we ingest daily are fat soluble, and therefore our bodies need to have a digestive process to absorb these nutrients effectively. Pro Nano Liposphere technology allows for CBD molecules to be broken into microscopic particles that fit in-between the water molecules and therefore give the effect of being water soluble, and absorbed better by the body. Our bodies produce natural nanoparticles called mixed micelles in the small intestine during the lipid digestion process. This is a natural occurring “nanotechnology” by making an oily substance water-soluble so that they may be absorbed. Nano-emulsions, such as our Nano Tincture, mimic these mixed micelles inhibiting (check.) the absorption process for rapid therapeutic relief. The process of emulsions is common in the food and beverage industry – oil and water might not be best friends but they are required to mix in some of the same crowds.

Did you know CBD molecules are naturally as large as 2000 – 4000 nanometers? The emulsification process of our revolutionary Nano process breaks up the CBD extract into 16 -20 nanometer sized droplets, which allows for water compatibility and thus an effective absorption method. Our Nano products contain CBD of the highest purity with the highest effectiveness on the market.

Come to think of it, our Nano technology would work seamlessly with routine skin care… wink-wink-nudge-nudge – stay tuned!


Nanoemulsions (Stabilizers)

Nanoemulsions are nano-sized emulsions, which are manufactured for improving the delivery of active pharmaceutical ingredients. Examples of emulsifying agent

(stabilizers) are Peperine, Curcumin, and other naturally occurring terpenes. Enhancing the body’s ability to absorb CBD provides an optimal and consistent consumer experience.

The below graph represents a study concluding that Pro-Nano Liposphere (PNL) paired with Nano-emulsions (stabilizers) enabled the most accurate delivery of CBD to the blood stream.

Fig.1 Plasma CBD concentration vs. time plot (mean ± SEM) following PO administration of CBD, CBD-PNL and CBDCurcumin- PNL. CBD dose 15 mg/kg. Curcumin dose of 10 mg/kg (n =6 for each group) (Cherniakov et al 2017

CBD blood concentration over time. All CBD variations were ingested orally.

Blue: CBD oil with no “emulsions?” additive?

Purple: CBD & Piperine

Green: CBD & PNL

Red: CBD & Piperine & PNL

*** Our Nano Tincture is represented by RED

*** As shown on Graph A. Our Nano CBD is approximately four times higher in concentration after one hour when compared to traditional CBD oil. 

Our Nano is for 7-9x times more bioavailable than edibles or capsules! Up to 90% bioavailability! (Stand out point) or higher in doc?

 Why our Nano?

  • Less is more
    • Smaller dosage required for desired effects
  • Faster results
    • Effects have been reported after 15 minutes
      • Other CBD oils can take over an hour to take effect
  • Convenient administration
    • Ideal to add to any beverage or food product
      • Shakes, coffee, tea or any other liquid favorites!

Micro dosing accessibility! Add to water bottle for discreet micro dosing throughout your day.

We also offer a Nano based topical product: our Nano Relief Roller is ideal for relief of migraines, (menstrual) cramps, or muscle and joint pain.

Friendly reminder when you hear people say “CBD didn’t work me,” first question the administration method, then send them to

Enjoy the dosing journey and remember to find your own rhythm and ritual.