CBD Wellness: New Habits vs New Resolutions

Wellness with some CBD infusion!

We’ve decided there is too much pressure to be different and shiny in the New Year, and that it is small habits which make the big differences in our lives. For this next trip around the sun instead of creating an unattainable list of goals, we invite you to create a new daily habit in an area of wellness. 

We start off every New Year with goals, resolutions, and things we wish to change about our lives as we move forward. We might even stay on track for a bit, but then life gets busy, we rationalize, and these goals fall away as we put out daily fires. As the year progresses, we start beating ourselves up for not following up on our initial goals, the excuses pile up and we begin spiraling into a self-defeating mindset.  Always with good intentions, but we are setting ourselves up to fail with the idea of achieving goals in the Next Year.  

What if there was a way to incorporate the changes you desire and make them stick? Let’s break down new goals vs new habits: 

Goals are defined as the object of a person’s ambition or effort for a desired result. 

Habits are defined as a tendency or usual manner of behaviour that has become nearly or completely involuntary. 

 As humans we are creatures of habit, most of what we do each day is a repeated behaviour. We run on default mode throughout the day, and some behaviours can feel like second nature. Creating a healthy new habit requires effort, but this small change will benefit our wellness throughout the year, and potentially our lives.  

We are inviting you to engage with the idea that creating new habits is a manageable and sustainable substitute for resolutions. Healthy habits establish a rippling effect of positivity throughout our lives.   

Below we are defining different types of wellness and highlighting a daily habit, or two that could be implemented in your life successfully for this next year, and beyond. 

Mental Wellness: 

relates to both our mental and physical wellbeing. It affects how we think, feel and interact with the world around us. Mental health includes how we handle our mood, stress, cognitive behaviour, psychological and emotional well-being. Taking care of our body psychologically, nutritionally, and physically can be tedious but it is critical for positive mental wellness.  

We can become overloaded easily as we are always receiving stimulus from the external world; whether it be from our phones, computers, tv, or billboards, something always wants our attention. This constant attention grabbing is distracting and can decrease our overall mental wellness. By prioritizing checking in with ourselves we have the ability to create a baseline of our inner peace, creating connection to our body, thoughts and mood.  

Habit suggestion: Daily walks; 10-minutes of fresh air, and/or always take the stairs, set limits for social media and our self-comparison, 10-minute meditation, stretching our bodies, practicing yoga, or perhaps observing the internal dialogue shaping our thoughts and actions. Practicing gratitude throughout the day can be a great way to balance our well-being.  

Use your CBD dose as a trigger to allow ourselves a minute of peace, positivity, and intention for the day.  

Emotional Wellness: 

mood, emotional state, and ability to learn, and adapt from experiences. This type of wellness inspires self-care, stress reduction, and the development of inner strength. The energy we receive and output into the world is a component of our emotional wellness; as well as, having the ability to say no and prioritize ourselves.  We are continually asked to adapt to our environment, to manage challenges and change. When we are in tune with ourselves, we have awareness, understanding, and acceptance of our emotions. As we focus on our present well-being, we become aware of our body’s sensations and can start relying, and acting on our feelings and emotions confidently; which overall increases our confidence for processing emotions. Let us be curious of what comes up when we pause, observe our thoughts and emotions, removing all judgement and allowing yourself to sit with everything that comes up.   

Habit Suggestion: Daily check-ins: “How are you feeling at this moment?”, “How was your day overall?”, “What are you grateful for?” – Journaling allows us to be present and active in our daily wellbeing. Pick a time that works for you and stick to that schedule, perhaps creating a routine of first thing in the morning or before bed each evening. Our tinctures offer a chance to balance our emotions and adapt to stressors in our life.

CBD has been shown to lower cortisol levels and decrease the overall effects of stress in our bodies.   

Spiritual Wellness: 

The ability to connect with our inner self, and maintain overall peace and wellbeing. This type of wellness allows us to seek meaning and purpose in our existence, but also to appreciate our life experiences for what they are. Seeing purpose in our experiences creates a harmony between our inner self and the outside world. It is our spirit connection, our spark, our inner self enabling us to make meaning of the world around us, the events in our life, and the purpose we are here to fulfill. Spirituality is a personal practice which creates balance, inner peace, hope and strength in our lives. Our levels of compassion, community, self-connection, values, ethics, and morals are all related to our spiritual wellbeing 

Habit Suggestion: Meditation, for at least five minutes a day find a moment where you can close your eyes and focus on your breath. Clearing your mind with each inhale and deepening your connection with each exhale. By focusing on your breath your active mind is allowed to rest. Take time for connection, quiet reflection, prayer, or affirmations.

CBD infused wellness option is to use dosing as a pause in our daily life. We always recommend using our Tinctures sublingually (hold the oil under the tongue for 60-90 seconds) which creates an opportunity to pause, quiet our mind, set an intention for the day, or settle into feelings of gratitude for the moment.   

Social Wellness: 

the overall state of our relationships and how we interact with our community, family and friends. Including our communication abilities, managing healthy boundaries, and seeking out positive relationships that are reciprocal.  Creating a strong social network of personal relationships can help us to better manage stress and anxiety.  

Keeping in mind it is quality, not the quantity, of interpersonal relationships that matter to our overall well being.  

Habit suggestion: Speaking ONLY kindly about yourself and others. Not in an excessively optimistic or living in denial type of manner, but supportive, accepting and uplifting of yourself and others. We possess the ability to change how we view problems, and in turn change our perspective. Positive language matters, and we can take this positive mindset throughout all of our relationships this year.  

In our relationships we can see the positive impact when we help those around us, we could take this mindset to our daily CBD administration as well. As we take our dose, let us close our eyes and imagine the positive effects, and peace flowing throughout our body. Relaxing our breath as we create a positive and present moment daily with our dosing.  

 Intellectual Wellness: 

is defined as one’s ability to maintain mental stimulation and creativity. Flexing our intellectual muscles is just as important as working out our real muscles. Using critical and logical thinking, problem solving abilities, cultivating creativity and expanding our mind as we learn through exploring. It is our ability to remain open minded as we experience life, and curious about the world around us. Curiosity motivates us and allows us to better understand our relationship to the environment.  

Habit suggestion: Read once a day OR write once a day, as little or as much as you would like, a page or a word it doesn’t matter. Nurture your creativity in a way that works for you.  

CBD Infusion – make a cup of tea with our Nano Tincture and unwind as you settle into read. You are keeping your mind active through reading and potentially creating new brain synapsis through this CBD ingestion.  

Environmental Wellness: 

being aware of how our daily habits have a physical effect on the earth. Our overall interaction with the physical world around us and connection to nature. Living in harmony with our surroundings and having a positive personal environment. Respecting ourselves and the beautiful world around us. Supporting a safe, sustainable, and environmentally aware community. Creating a lifestyle filled with habits to promote a healthy environment. Keeping our environmental consciousness at the forefront by raising our awareness daily, and actively seeking balance with our surroundings.  

Habit suggestion: We really love our planet so we gave you few options (you can always choose them all) water or waste saviour – bring a reusable water bottle everywhere you go, wash your laundry with cold water, turn off the tap while you brush your teeth, and/or wash your face, & always be mindful of recycling opportunities. Make it a habit to support local eco-friendly sustainable business, such as Sunnyside Botanicals, and others who actively practice sustainability in their brand. Be buyer aware whenever possible. We’re proud to be using recyclable material and chlorine-free paper that are FSC Certified for our packaging, and all-natural, solvent-free, ingredients. Mother earth thanks us all for this consideration.  

It can take anywhere from 21 - 66 days to form a habit, so be patient, reasonable and encouraging with yourself. Let this year be about small habits, that represent how we wish to live our life as a whole. Direct 10 minutes of your day to one new habit, keep the routine, and enjoy the revolutions (not resolutions)!  




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