CBD and Loving me

Love for you, by you.   

This month is plagued by cheesy romance ads and we want to shift the focus; we want to fall back in love with ourselves. 

The best version of you is only an abundance of unconditional love away; always easier said than done, but we believe approaching ourselves with curiosity, compassion, and kindness will get us there eventually. 

Take a deep breath and let’s bring about some self-acceptance with our below suggestions of self-love:  


Rest and rejuvenation! 

Taking care of yourself mentally and physically is the ultimate form of self-love. Spend time in nature to disconnect, give your body adequate sleep, healthy fuel, and assistance when needed. Be grateful for the body you have and for all the work it does for you, sending some extra love whenever you can; it has quite the task as our vessel in this world. When aches and pains arise, offer relief with products such as our CBD infused Cool Release Pain Relieving Balm. Life can be strenuous, slow down and take care of you every chance you get. 


Minding your own! 

Meditation is a wonderful way to get to know our mind and find peace in daily life. Meditation does not ask you to shut off your thoughts and emotions, but to simply bear witness and not engage with them. Your outlook on life stems from the mind, understanding how to bring peace and stillness allows this euphoria to seep into all aspects of your world. Consider this the ideal way to decompress, allowing the muscle of our mind to rest, much like gym routines, rest days are needed for muscle growth and retention. 


Judgment free zone! 

Is where we should all be living and learning. Let’s create a space where we can be wrong, make mistakes, learn, and grow. Be gentle with yourself and begin removing any and all self-doubt. Notice when the worrying mind starts to take over and regain control; no more story telling or intrusion of other people’s opinion in your head, or life. So far, we’ve survived 100% of our bad days, not a bad record for having no idea what we’re doing. A different life begins when we accept ourselves unconditionally, wishing you all the patience and love to get there. 


Date day! 

Spending quality time is an incredible way of showing our love. We invite you to plan your version of the perfect day, once a month, relish in your favourite leisure activities and connect to whatever brings you joy. We also advise being totally cool when the day doesn’t go perfect because that is life, nothing is perfect. Let this day be a solo journey, our capacity to be alone is tied to our capacity to love. If you can find happiness when alone then you know that the existence of happiness is not dependent on another person. Be present wherever this day takes you, finding connection in the simple moments. 

Infuse your day with our swoon worthy CBD bath soaks, allow the scent and serenity to bring you inner peace. Sprinkle in some extra love with our three luxurious bath soaks: Lavender, Eucalyptus, or Orange Spice. Our blend of bath soaks are hand crafted with all-natural essential oils, and the highest quality Epsom salts. Soothe your aches and pains, rest your mind and muscles, allow this infusion to leave you feeling rejuvenated on all levels.  


Pleasure please! 

Self-love in the form of pleasure for one. We’re not the type of site to write about tips and tricks; but getting to know your body and what you enjoy is an act of self-love. Spend time understanding how you operate, allowing yourself to build body confidence and eventually becoming more comfortable with a partner, if you chose to do so. Extend this idea of pleasure to celebrating all your wins in day-to-day life; big or small there is nothing you don’t deserve credit for. 


Environmental love! 

We believe that you what you give is what you shall receive. Let’s be responsible for the energy we put into the world and focus on sending love; may this love extend to our family, friends, pets, communities, and creations of all shapes and sizes. Perhaps our ability to love others is a reflection of our love for ourselves, but friendly reminder this should never be at the sacrifice of our own well-being. Creating boundaries in relationships, with respects to our time and our energy, is one of the purest forms of self-love. Be patient but persistent with the world around you and exercise your consumer control whenever possible. Supporting sustainable and eco-driven businesses, such as Sunnyside, is a gift of love with mother earth at heart. 


All love takes energy, and effort; focus on prioritizing yourself and perhaps evaluate where the remainder of your energy is going. If you draw your life as a pie chart, how much space would represent time spent on you? Design a life you enjoy living and always be your own advocate. Learning to love is a process, but we can’t think of a more wonderful way to stumble through life than leading with our heart.