CBN Sleep Tincture (1200mg | 30ml)

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An all natural, THC-free, melatonin-free sleep aid made with a botanical extract blend that contains ingredients that have been clinically studied and are shown to promote better restorative sleep.

Experience the harmonious combination of CBD and CBN, along with thoughtfully chosen botanicals, in our CBD:CBN Tincture. We've optimized our formula with a 3:1 blend of CBD to CBN (900mg CBD + 300mg CBN) based on nearly a year of testing and feedback.

Discover a restful night's sleep and a renewed sense of well-being. Prioritize your wellness with this exceptional blend, designed to support your body and mind naturally.

What is CBN?: Cannabinol (CBN) is a cannabinoid that is naturally produced as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) ages and breaks down. Although it is found in trace amounts in the hemp plant, recent advancements in extraction techniques have allowed us to isolate and utilize CBN for its potential therapeutic effects.

One of the key benefits associated with CBN is its ability to promote relaxation and support restful sleep. This makes it particularly valuable for individuals struggling with sleep disturbances or seeking a natural remedy for insomnia. CBN interacts with the body's endocannabinoid system, which plays a crucial role in regulating various physiological functions, including sleep-wake cycles. By engaging with specific receptors in the body, CBN may help calm the mind, ease racing thoughts, and encourage a more peaceful night's rest.

Furthermore, CBN has been recognized for its potential anti-inflammatory properties. It may help reduce discomfort and support recovery from physical exertion or inflammation-related issues. These properties make CBN a promising option for individuals seeking natural relief from occasional discomfort or those engaged in physically demanding lifestyles.

In our CBD:CBN Tincture, we've combined CBN with CBD isolate derived from premium hemp sources. CBD has gained widespread popularity for its versatility and potential wellness benefits. By blending CBD and CBN, we have created a synergistic formula that maximizes their individual strengths, offering a comprehensive approach to overall well-being.

Directions: Place oil under tongue, and hold for 30-90 seconds until absorbed, then swallow. To start, try a 20mg dose (0.5ml or half the dropper) 30 minutes before bedtime. Increase gradually, if needed in order to find your ideal dosage. 

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Product Info: 30ml | 1200mg (900mg CBD Isolate + 300mg CBN Isolate)

🇨🇦 Locally grown hemp, 100% manufactured in British Columbia, Canada.

🌱 All-natural, botanically-derived ingredients.

♻️ Eco-Friendly, Recyclable Glass Container. 

🐰 Cruelty-free, zero animal testing.

🐮 Vegan; no animal-derived ingredients.

💧 Safe to use; No additives or harmful-preservatives; phthalates (DBP, DEHP, DEP), bisphenols (BPA), and paraben-free.

☣️ Free of solvents, toxins, heavy metals, and pesticides.

🧪 Independently lab-tested for purity & potency.


Ingredients: MCT Oil, CBD Isolate, CBN Isolate, Peppermint Extract,  Linalool, Myrcene, b-Caryophyllene



1200mg: 1 dropper = 1ml = 40mg (30ml CBD + 10ml CBN)

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My Grand Mother has experienced three strokes in the past few years. One occurred while driving and caused her to get into an accident. This has severely impacted her days and her sleep. After a year of discomfort and struggling to sleep I suggested she try this sleep tincture. Now we have purchased 3 bottles for her personal use and a bottle for my mother who struggles with sciatica. Both have experienced significant life changing differences. Thank you Sunnyside! Till next order :)

Brei R.
Canada Canada

Wonderful product

Great product!

Canada Canada
2 reviews